Thursday, September 17, 2009

First Day of Cub Scouts

Balin has waited so long to be a cub scout and this year he is finally a Tiger. When we bought him his uniform he would not take it off and wore it around for days.

Kelahna's First Day of School.

Kelahna has started a new year of preschool and is doing rather well. Mrs. Robinson says that she has turned into a social butterfly. She has been using her walker in the classroom, yeah. What a big girl.

Little Slugger

Here are some pictures of Balin's last baseball game. He loves playing catcher. He figured out that the catcher gets the most action (in T-ball)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Frist Day of School

Here are some pictures of Ariel and Tristram's first day of school at Choice. They go two days a week.

Labor Day

We spent the weekend at the TLH (Theoe Little House). Southbend had some great activities for the kids. We went to the parade which was great until it started pouring. Sunday night we watched the fireworks from the front yard of the house while Tim played handyman. He ripped out the old frame of the shower and installed a new shower rod. He did a great job. Monday we spent the day in Westport and it was beautiful and seventy degrees. Sorry, no pictures we spent the day playing and forgot about the camera.